By contacting our sales salon or the central office, you can get for free:

    • Qualified advice on any question of interest to you in the field of metal-plastic and aluminum structures, as well as all the stages of installing new windows in your home. Characteristics of profiles and accessories used by the company "Narodni Vіkna" in production.
    • Preliminary calculation of your order.
    • Our competent sales managers will help you make the only right decision regarding the installation of new windows in your home.

    And remember that the design capabilities of the core systems used by Narodn Vіkna in production are practically unlimited, and therefore allow to implement any design decisions.


    The importance of measuring is indisputable. To make and then install windows correctly, you need to know the exact dimensions of the window opening. It is not enough to measure the
    height and width of the window opening. It is necessary to take into account different details: from what material the walls in your house are made, what is inside them, the curvature of the openings and on which floor they will work. Measurement error may result in the need to rework the finished window construction. Only a specialist can understand the whole scope of upcoming work, therefore the most important measurement operation, Narodny Vіkna company trusts only a professional - a measurement specialist.

    In addition, do not hesitate to ask the measurer any questions that concern you, but also listen to his wishes and recommendations.
    Discuss with him the features of the configuration, color and equipment of the ordered windows. This is necessary in order to formulate your wishes as clearly as possible and get the expected result.
    Since the call and departure of the measurer of our company is free, using this service, you can immediately find out the exact cost of your window designs.


    The company "Narodni Vіkna" delivers manufactured products throughout Ukraine.
    Upon delivery of window structures in Kherson and its suburb, this service is provided free of charge.
    Delivery within the Kherson region and in Ukraine is carried out according to the established tariffs. For more information, please contact your manager.


    The operational qualities of a window largely depend on how well it is installed in the opening - installation.

    It is better if windows will be installed by representatives of the company from which you ordered them. Thanks to this, you will receive a warranty on the installation of windows.

    The company "Narodni Vіkna" has a license for installation work.

    So, you have made your choice and are ready to make an order. What is the sequence of further events? After a visit to you by a measurer, with whom you have negotiated all the features of the configuration, colors and configuration, the windows you order, the sales manager will calculate the price of your order, then you pay for the order, and in 3-5 days the windows will be manufactured. But are the rooms ready for installation? After all, you need to consider that the "work" window will start immediately after installation and they are designed to operate in normal conditions. And those for residential premises are considered to be the temperature of 20 ° C and relative humidity of about 50%.

    So, there are simple rules for preparing the premises for installation work. It is necessary to free the passage to the windows from furniture and other interior objects, cover the floor with film or paper and cover the upholstered furniture, TV, computer with film to prevent construction dust from entering these objects.

    This is followed by the removal of old frames. This process usually takes a little time. Assemblers, as a rule, dismantling old structures, as far as possible, retain the window opening as a whole for subsequent safe installation. Directly installation of windows itself includes the following works:

    • Installation of the frame (without wings) in the opening on the support and spacer pads. Hard PVC profiles are characterized by a rather high coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, to eliminate possible deformations of the window when it is heated and cooled, gaps should be left between the window block and the window opening filled with elastic materials (for example, mounting foam).
    • Setting the frame level in three planes, because the window should be exactly. Note that often visual irregularities are associated with the curvature of the opening. But regardless of the curvature of the opening, the structure must be installed ideally in accordance with the indications of special tools.
    • Fixing the window in the opening, which is carried out with the help of construction screws, dowels or mounting anchors, which are installed primarily in the locations of the loops and the corresponding locking nodes. The window should be fixed not only from two sides, but also along the entire perimeter with the fastening step not more than 70 cm.
    • Sealing the joint between the window and the wall with polyurethane foam. The width of the joint, and hence the assembly seam, should not exceed 3-4 cm.
    • Installation ebb.
    • Installation of window sills.
    • Adjustment of accessories.
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